Friday, December 2, 2016

I'm Walmart Unbanned!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had been banned from a few important stores this year including Target, Kohl's and Walmart.

I was both accused of stealing other Blogger's lucrative methods (in jest, obviously), while others were amazed that such a thing could happen at Walmart.  I, myself, was amazed and I said yesterday that I didn't even know it was possible

Thankfully Wes stepped in and helped me get unbanned.  He suggested I call up and ask to speak to the US call reps and see what the deal is.

The problem as you recall was that Walmart wouldn't allow me to even get to the order review.  I wasn't able to choose a credit card.

I called and spoke to a US rep.  She started going through my account and asked me to take off the credit card I was trying to use and add it again.  Then she looked at my credit cards on the account and said "Whoa, that's a lot of credit cards."   I guess about 20 cards on one account isn't so normal? I had taken part in an American Express Offers for you a while back and had added a lot of new credit cards to my account.  I also had multiple discover cards connected for different years of Discover doubling.

Either way, she said that having too many credit cards can be a flag for fraud and suggested I remove some.  I removed all the cards except one and magically I could check out again!

So am I now unbanned from Walmart.  Although technically I was never banned.  Hmm, I think you are still winning Vinh.