Thursday, November 10, 2016

Using Inventory Lab to Check Which Shipment Contained Your Item

We've all experienced it.  You sent 6 iPads in but when you look at your FBA inventory you only see 4 there.  What happened to those other 2?

Well, one problem is that many, many things could have happened.  It could have never been received, it could have been lost once received, it could have been damaged in the warehouse, it could have been sent for relabeling and lost into the Amazon ether (yes, that happens a lot more than you think).

Amazon has some pretty good reports you can run on lost and damaged items.  It's all there though it's quite time consuming to go through.

Finding which shipment you sent it in can be a challenge.  If you are like me you have pages and pages of shipments.  It's impossible to check each one if you are missing one particular SKU.  Once it's checked in you can check the received inventory report based off any SKU but if it was never received probably you may be out of luck.

For a long time as part of my inventory tracking spreadsheet I would have a column for FBA shipments.  It was a way to easily go back to that shipment and check what happened.  It was annoying but worth it until I found out I didn't need it all.

Inventory Lab Tracks Shipments for You

Personally, I am a huge fan of Inventory Lab.  It would be almost impossible for me to accurately account for COGS, sales and fees at the volume I'm doing without some sort of software and Inventory Lab does a great job at that.  When you play around with it you start to realize that it also pays for itself.

The one thing that I'm starting to realize I don't like about Inventory Lab is that it doesn't support eBay or Walmart sales (as far as I know) but this post isn't about Inventory Lab.  You can read more about it here.

One nice thing about Inventory Lab is that I've always received helpful customer service.  I wanted to see if they tracked this data so I didn't have to.  You are creating shipments with them so maybe they have it available for you.

I sent them an email ( and they sent back:

Here are the Circles and Arrows of what that means

On the dashboard you can pick "closed batches".  These are the shipments that have already been sent off to Seller Central

At the next screen you can input any ASIN and you will see all the shipments that included that shipment

Under "Name" you can see the name of those shipments.

You can copy the name of any shipment and go over to seller central and find that shipment.

Using the name function isn't as easy as the FBA ID is but if I don't have to track that info myself, I am pretty happy.