Monday, June 20, 2016

Staples Gift Cards Available for 15% off - Great for Merchandise or Free Points

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: eBay

eBay is currently having a great gift card sale on Staples gift cards.  You can buy $100 Staples Gift Cards for $85 with a limit of 5.

There are a ton of people who want Staples gift cards to buy merchandise at Staples for personal or reselling purposes and this is a great sale, but if you don't have that in mind, this can be a good opportunity for some free points when reselling the gift cards.

You can try to resell them on Raise but that involves a measure of risk if they don't sell and a hefty commission as well if you aren't bulk.

Another possibility that would work well for a lot of people is to sell to an exchange that has a very good payout.  There is a lot less risk since you buy it and sell the eGift Cards within an hour or so.

The best payout I know of right now is Gift Card Mart.  They are paying a full 85% for the gift cards which means that you make all of your money back on the exchange and you get to keep all of the extras.

The extras include:

2% in eBay Bucks ($8.50)
Credit Card Points - You can either use Chase Ink for 5x Ultimate Rewards for buying from PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay or you can buy eBay gift cards using MPX app.  From MPX you will  earn 2-2.5 United Airline Miles (850-1062 miles) depending on whether you have a United credit card and you still earn your regular credit card points.  Assuming you earn 2% from your credit card that will be another $8.50
Portal Points - Right now Shop at Home is 1.5% so you will earn ($6.37) from the portal, though your portal points may be negated if you use eBay Gift cards.

The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes so it may be worth it for some.

Keep in mind that Gift Card Mart only buys from Bulk Sellers.  If you aren't a bulk seller you can email them at  to try and become a bulk seller.

If you don't to become bulk with Gift Card Mart it looks like SaveYa is buying eGift Cards at 84.5% so you don't lose much on the exchange.  Verify that before purchasing.