Friday, May 13, 2016

PSA: Amazon Restricting Selling Microsoft Brand - Do Not Buy for Resale

HT: Josh Lucas via Twitter

Amazon has begun to restrict listings from Microsoft.  I haven't tested every listing but I tested a couple and they were all restricted.

Here are a couple of examples:

These are items I've sold in the past and I am still restricted from selling them.  Do not buy any Microsoft brand items until you see that the restriction has been lifted.

It's pretty annoying that something like this happens without notice.  I would extremely frustrated if I had just bought something from Microsoft.  These are some of the perils of selling on Amazon.

You can request approval.  Amazon will ask for 3 invoices from a distributor or manufacturer or a letter from Microsoft which says you are approved and they want you to show some volume as well.  It seems that want to make sure all the products are coming from legitimate sources.

Please always remember to add the product to your inventory before purchasing.  That way you will know that it is restricted before you purchase.