Thursday, May 19, 2016

Amazon Restricting Some Apple Products (MacBooks, Apple Pencils and iPad Pro Keyboards)

And the hits just keep on coming....

Amazon has sent out emails to many sellers saying that starting 6/2/2016 they will be restricting certain listings and you need to be an authorized sellers.

So far the listing have included MacBooks and Apple Pencils for some, for others it included iPad Pro Keyboards and for others it included iPad Pro Smart Covers.

Personally, I got an email about MacBooks and keyboards even though I have inventory in either anymore but no email about apple pencils.

The emails look like this

No one seems to have gotten emails about iPads yet, we'll see where this develops.  If you need to start being an authorized reseller, this will seriously hurt Staples :)

Either way, it's time to diversify well beyond Apple products and I hope many of you have already done that.