Monday, April 25, 2016

Target Removes 5% RedCard Discount on 3rd Party Gift Cards

For a long time, it was possible to buy 3rd party gift cards from on your RedCard and get a 5% discount. This was great for hard to find discounted gift cards like eBay though some got banned from buying anything from Target for buying these discounted gcs.

With the increased limits on eBay Gift Cards usage in place, it has been even harder to find discounted eBay gift cards and this will only make it harder to find on Raise.  I think you will see a lot of eBay gift cards selling for 0% or .01% off on eBay as the demand increases and supply cannot keep up.

Best Options Now

Your best options now are to either

1) Buy from Gyft with a Chase Ink card via PayPal to earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points.  The advantage is you can buy larger denominations this way (up to $500).  There are reports of bans for buying too much from Gyft buy others seem to be able to buy tens of thousands of dollars without a problem.  Buyer beware.

2) eBay Gift Cards from  Unfortunately you can only buy eGift Cards from in $100 increments and they do not come immediately (often the next day).  You can buy physical gift cards in $200 denominations but those come with $2 fees.  There was a time when portals paid out for gift cards from Staples.  That's long gone.  Doesn't hurt to try though - except me, it hurts me since it is an affiliate link ;)

3) You can buy directly on eBay from PayPal Digital Gifts which codes as 5x UR with Chase ink.

3) In store.  Use your ink at Staples stores, use a grocery credit cards at a grocery store etc.  That means I have to get off my lazy bottom and it also means you need to stock up to make sure they are available when you need them.  Probably not going to do that.

This is definitely bad news, but most definitely not catastrophic.  We will live another day.