Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unlimited eBay Gift Card Use and Finding Your Orphan Funds on your eBay Gift Cards

Update: Reader Avi points us to Travel with Grant that you can go to this link from PayPal, log in and you will see all your used and unused eBay Gift Cards.  Very useful!  

Update 2:  Just a quick note to let you know that many people including myself have been lifetime banned from for buying too many gift cards with our 5% REDcard discount. I have noticed you talking about juicing up eBay deals a lot using Target. They pointed out to me that they added terms to their website in January 2016 saying that they wouldn't offer repeated discounts on the same product purchase. I was labeled a reseller even though I actually used all the eBay gift cards for personal purchases. They didn't care and didn't want receipts from eBay proving what I did with them. I did about $2000 total and that got me banned. Just an FYI in case you haven't seen that out there in forums. I would caution your readers against doing Target orders and not promote it as a method. I can't buy anything from ever again -- paper towels, clothes, iPads, etc. They told me I was welcome to shop in store anytime. LOL

It's a dangerous world out there.  Be careful!

In case you missed it DoCtor Chuck broke the huge news yesterday that we can now use an unlimited number of gift cards
There used to be a maximum of $5,000 in gift cards used per rolling 180 days.  That's not very much for a reseller if you source from eBay. This is big news for us.

Until now, I avoided using eBay gift cards when I was close to my limit for fear of having to wait months until I can use the gift card and losing track of it.  You don't save/make money on gift cards if you lose hundreds of dollars in that way.

There is now a maximum of $1,000 in gift cards per order and 8 gift cards per order as well.

With the new rules in place, we can feel free to use eBay gift cards one every purchase on eBay.  That's a minimum of 5% off every purchase as you will see.

Best way to buy eBay Gift Cards

1) eBay gift cards often go on sale on eBay at 5% off and when they are sold from PayPal Digital Gifts you will also earn 5x Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink

2) 5% off with your RedCard on

3) On but then you are limited to $100 denominations without extra fees or at Staples store with Chase Ink

4) Grocery store with Fuel Points

5) Gift card exchange like Raise

6) Gyft sells eBay Gift Cards as well but the portal and G points are gone

Find your eBay Gift Card Orphaned Funds

It used to be quite simple to find your orphan funds from your eBay Gift Cards in the old eBay/Paypal checkout but unfortunately that doesn't work anymore.

Thankfully, your PayPal account still connect to your used eBay Gift Cards and stores them.  The only difference is that you have to use the mobile browser to access them.  Just click (tap, really) on the area to add a promo code and your non used eBay gift cards will be right there.