Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some Gift Cards and a 5% MacBook for Increased eBay Bucks

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Splender, eBay, Amazon

There are a few gift cards available on eBay that are definitely worth checking out as positioning purchases for the future, especially given the fact that many people received an offer for an extra 4x in eBay Bucks.  Even if you didn't get the email, check and it may be there like it was for me on the homepage.

Kohl's $100 Gift Card for $85 from Cardency

Toys R Us $100 Gift Card for $85 from PayPal Digital Gifts

Babies R Us $100 Gift Card for $85 from PayPal Digital Gifts

Check out all discounted gift cards available (including gas gift cards)

You also earn 2% from the Splender shopping portal.

If you source from these stores regularly, these are really good discounts and the eBay Bucks is a huge bonus as well.

If you have Chase Ink use that for PPDGs (TRU and BRU) and you will earn 5x Ultimate Rewards on top of everything.  The Kohl's gift card will not earn you 5x Ultimate Rewards.

Here is a possible reselling idea from eBay:

Disclaimer:  I will not be participating in this deal.  There is not enough profit since too many things can go wrong.  ~5% ROI can too easily turn into breakeven or a loss, especially if a lot of people buy.  If you are someone who knows how to sell on Amazon, do yourself a favor, skip this one.  

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how to use FBA and you don't mind possibly losing a little bit (or potentially a lot) of money on the way, this is a good way to start, especially with eBay Bucks as a little cushion.

You can buy a MacBook MJVE2LL/A on eBay for $790 on eBay.

The same MacBook is selling on Amazon for $890 (this listing allows you to sell as new - other listings do not).

At that price you will earn $836.  With shipping, that will go down to about $830, depending on how many you send.

You are looking at earning about $40 on a $790 investment, right around 5%.

However, eBay Gift Cards are now unlimited (max of $1,000 per purchase) and you can use gift cards to make it a little better.

eBay Gift Cards are ~1.5% off from Gift Card Mart and you can also buy them from Gyft with a Chase Ink and PayPal to earn 5x UR.

You also earn 2% from the Splender shopping portal.

You will also earn about $63.20 in eBay Bucks which gives you a decent coushin in case the price goes down a lot.  I don't personally think it is worth it but someone (or a lot of someone's might).