Thursday, March 10, 2016

PSA - Don't Send More than 50lbs in One Box to Amazon

This is a quick Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Shipping to Amazon can be very cheap and the best way to do that was always to stuff as many items as you can into one box (assuming Amazon allows it to all go in one shipment together).  The first lb of the box was almost the most expensive pound and any any additional weight is added at a much lower price per pound.

Privately, I had always told people that even though Amazon warns you not to send more than 50lbs in one box (if it is more than one unit), practically they didn't seem to care and I've sent many 70lb+ boxes without a problem.

Recently, it seems that Amazon is cracking down on this and suspending accounts for violating this rule.  I've heard rumors of it happening and it was confirmed to me from a friend as well.  Usually these types of suspensions are temporary.  You acknowledge your mistake and move on.  If you continue to violate it, you could receive a permanent ban.

From here on, both publicly and privately I recommend sticking to the 50lbs per box rule.  It's just not worth messing with your account.

Here is the message my friend received:

Shipping Box Overweight
One or more boxes in your shipment exceed our maximum weight requirements.
Products and shipments that do not comply with our policies may be received as unsellable or destroyed without compensation.

Weigh and measure your boxes before sending them to FBA.
Boxes must not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 lb., unless they contain one single oversized Unit that exceeds 50 lb.
For a single oversized Unit that exceeds 50 lb., attach a label that clearly indicates "Team Lift" on the top and sides of the box

Inbound Performance Alert - Shipment
Your shipment abilities have been suspended due to repeated problems.