Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Loving the New eBay Gift Card Rules

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Recently, eBay changed their rules and allowed unlimited gift card usage instead of $5,000 per rolling 180 days.  There does remain a limit of $1,000 in eBay gift cards per transaction.

Previously, trying to track your gift card use was a pain so unless I was sure I was no where near the limit I wouldn't use eBay Gift Cards.

I just bought some gas gift cards for personal use and I want to illustrate just how awesome eBay can be when used properly.

I bought $100 of physical BP Gift Cards for $92 on eBay.  Total cost is $276.

I bought $275 of eBay Gift Cards from Gyft at face value with my Chase Ink card.  As Doctor of Credit has shown, when you use PayPal with Ink as your form of payment, you will earn 5x Ultimate Rewards.

So that's 1,375 Ultimate Rewards points which are worth a minimum of $13.75, though many put the value much higher.

I used Splender Shopping Portal for 2% cashback on the gift cards, that's another $5.52 off the three gift cards

eBay is currently running a Targeted eBay Bucks promotion (check eBay.com to see if you are targeted on the home page) where you will earn 10% in eBay Bucks.  That's another $27.60 for buying three.

All together, I spent $276 and earned $13.75 in UR, $5.52 in cash from Splender and $27.60 in eBay Bucks.  That's $46.87 off the 3 gift cards or $15.62 off each gift cards.

My final price then becomes $92 - $15.62 or $76.38 for each $100 BP gift card.  That's some cheap gas.

Oh and now I get cash price instead of credit ;)

I know I am assuming eBay Bucks are equivalent to cash and they worth less but it makes it easier to see everything.

Something tells me people might want to think about selling these too ;)  Always verify directly with the sites for payouts.

There are a bunch of other gift cards that this might work for as well.  Just sayin'
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