Sunday, March 13, 2016

An eBay ~5% ROI Deal

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A few days ago I asked readers whether I should post 5% Return on Investment (ROI) deals.

Out of 170 votes, 72 voted that I should always post them, 73 voted I should never post them and 25 voted that I should post them when there are increased eBay Bucks promotion.

That means that approximately 57% of people voted that I should post deals at least sometimes with about 43% voting that I should never post deals.  This breakdown basically means that I'm going to annoy close to about 50% of my readers whatever I do.  Always good to know.

The reasons are varied why people did not want me to post.  Some didn't want their own deals going down in margin.  Others did not want more sellers in general as this causes more competition on other deals as well and some didn't like the idea of spoon feeding people.

I have chosen to sometimes post deals. Here is my logic and some are going to disagree with me:

1) Anything that has 5% ROI is not a good deal in my opinion and you should be moving away from those.  Price drops and returns will mean that you are likely to either breakeven or possibly/likely lose money.  Don't lose money.

2)  Hopefully, people realize that these are not great deals to pursue and then competition is not tremendous because of that and people don't lose too much money.

3)  There are a lot of people (including myself) who learn by doing.  I can show past deals (and I will continue to do that) but unless they actually go through the process themselves it can be hard to analyze ahead of time what is and isn't a good deal.  A lot of readers here learned how to sell from when I was posting more lucrative deals.

These deals are directed at beginners who are learning and don't mind if some of the deals they buy lose money because they are able to learn how to sell and can apply their knowledge to more profitable deals that you won't find here.  If you are a veteran and you do these deals, try to move away from them.  If you look hard enough there are far more profitable deals out there that are worthy of your time.

I also will not be participating in these deals myself.  They don't have enough profit and I plan to mention that in my disclaimer every time.

For everyone who is still upset at me, I apologize ahead of time.  This is an ever evolving process and we'll see how it goes.

With all that said,  here is a possible deal for beginners:

AntOnline on eBay (I've bought from them many times in the past - not the most responsive for returns but they do accept returns which is a plus)  is selling a XBox One 1TB Halo 5 Guardian for $370 and there is no tax for many of you (add to your cart and see if you have tax).

The same console is being sold on Amazon currently with a price of $436.99.

If you sell at $436.99 Amazon will give you about $400.  Use FBA fee calculator to see.

These are heavy (about 13lb) so you are looking at about $10 to ship so you will have about $20 in profit at current prices which is about 5% ROI.

You will still earn credit card points and eBay Bucks and 2% from Splender.

You can juice it up a bit with eBay gift cards that you buy from with a RedCard for 5% off.

Keep in mind that there is a maximum use of $5,000 of eBay Gift Cards per rolling 180 days.  Also, sometimes there is a maximum of 5, 7, 8 or 9 eBay Gift Cards that you can use in one transaction before the transaction times out.