Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Amazon Restricting Random ASINs?

A few people sent me a blog post from Lisa Suttora who is reporting that Amazon has begun to restrict FBA sellers from creating shipments on certain ASINs due to increased inventory at Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

These restrictions are coming without notice which is the only problem with this policy change.

I have not encountered this myself and no one I know has encountered this either but there are comments on her post that same the same as well.

It would be pretty bad if you are allowed to sell something as new, you buy it and then try to make a shipment and you aren't able to.  It's a waste of time and possibly money

The error message is

“You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. This product must be removed from this shipment.”

There is one thing you can do to protect yourself but it is a bit annoying.  You can start a shipment with any particular ASIN before you purchase it to make sure Amazon will let you send it in.  That's pretty time consuming.

I understand that Amazon doesn't want their fulfillment centers to become storage units (I am guilty of this myself - I have over 4,000 units at FCs currently), especially long term storage units (less guilty of this) but changes should not be without warning.  

It could be that there will be more changes coming regarding storage fees or other ways to discourage hoarding inventory at FCs but I cannot be sure.

Have anyone come across this?  What was the rank of the item and in what category?  Let us know in the comments!