Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Deal for the Extra eBay Bucks - ~5% ROI

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eBay is running a promotion with targeted increased eBay Bucks up to 10%.

In my last post I asked if readers were interested in deals that are around 5% ROI and the few that responded said yes so here is another one.  If this is or isn't what you are interested in let me know and I can decided whether to continue depending on reader interest.

Please be aware that these margins are tight and can change if too many sellers jump aboard but it still can be good if you are interested in hitting a threshold for a sign up bonus or something like that.

I usually don't do 5-10% ROI deals because I am afraid of the price of a return and tieing up my money for too long.  Video games are a little different.  I have yet to have a return on a video game.  Obviously that could change.

This is a composite deal.  Newegg on eBay is selling Xbox One with 3 games for $400.

The XBox sells on Amazon for $385 and earns $352 after FBA fees. Rank is 248 in video games which is very, very good.

Game 1
Tom Clancy The Division Xbox One - sells for $60 on Amazon and earns $48 - rank is #4 in video games.  Wow!
Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege Xbox One - sells for almost $39 and earns $30.  rank is 252 in video games
Assassin's Creed Syndicate Xbox One - sells for about $38 and earns $29.  Rank is 431 which is still very good.

All together you will earn $352+$48+$30+$29 =  459

Limit of 3 per person.  Xbox's are heavy and may cost you between $5-$10 each to ship to Amazon.  Let's call it $9 so that your earning will be about $450.

The items cost $400 so that is actually 12.5% ROI (return on investment) but the seller is Newegg so almost everyone will have tax so your actual ROI will vary depending on your state and will probably be close to about 5% for the majority of people.

You will earn 10% in eBay Bucks if you are targeted and 2% from Splender.

You can juice it up a bit with eBay gift cards that you buy from with a RedCard for 5% off.

Let me know if you hate that I'm doing this or want me to continue in the comments.