Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ways to Support Oren's Money Saver!

Here at Oren's Money Saver I strive to help everyone earn and save money.  Hopefully a lot of it.  If you are still reading, it must be working.  Either that or I'm an awesome writer! Ok, so you are earning and saving money.

Many of you have gone out of your way to use the Blog's links and I really appreciate it.  It makes a nice impact on my bottom line.  I can't come close to living off of it but it definitely gives me motivation to keep putting out good content.

I only recommend using my links when you can't use a portal. but here are all the paid links I have. Please use portals instead of my eBay and Staples links.  However, if you prefer to help me, I won't be upset ;)

Monthly PayPal Subscription

On the right side of the blog there is a subscription button from PayPal.  You can support with a monthly subscription.  

Each dollar you spend in a monthly subscription earns you 1 Oren's Money Saver Loyalty point.  These can be redeemed for Oren's Money Saver gratitude points :)  Unfortunately there are a lot of blackout dates for redemptions.


Amazon - My referral rate is determined by the number of items I refer.  Even a $1 item is helpful to increase my overall rate!
Paribus - link to learn more about Paribus and here.  We will both earn a 5% decrease in fees.

Shopping Portal Sign Ups

Top Cashback - I earn $10 and random promotions where you cna earn $10
Ebates _ I earn $5 for each referral and there is a bonus for referring more.
Mr. Rebates - I earn a percentage of your portal earnings (you do not lose any of your earnings)
Be Frugal - $10 for each of us
Splender - I earn $10, readers will earn $5 for signing up.  Sorry :( I don't make the rules
Simply Best Coupons - I earn 5% of your earnings (you do not lose any of your earnings)
Extra Bux - We both earn $5
Giving Assistant - $5 for both of us
Sunshine Rewards - we both earn $2

Discounted Gift Cards
Raise - I earn a small percentage which can add up
Gyft - I earn a small percentage which can add up

Inventory Lab - more info here.  I will earn $6 a month for the first 6 months of your paid subscription.