Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today is a Good Day to Source from Kohl's....

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There are a couple of factor that are combing for some extra dipping at Kohl's today.

First of all, check out my post for DoC on sourcing from Kohl's for more background information on these different types of rewards.

Here are the key facts for today:

Some pretty good sales on their own including BOGO 1/2 off a lot of toys.

Earn $10 of Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend.  Small window for redemption.

Earn $5 in Yes2You Rewards for every $100 you spend.  Small window of redemption.

Use Promo code SMS8112 for 15% of your purchase.  You can use promo code EBATES15 if you are using Ebates.  In practice I found the SMS promo code to work on more items.

Earn 6% cashback from Ebates

Kohl's is part of the weekend sale for Raise.  You can buy Kohl's gift cards for about 17% off after using promo code TAKE5.  Sign up  for Raise from this link (purchase from Raise from this link - thank you!)

That's a lot of percent off.  They are practically asking you to profit off them!  Happy sourcing!