Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reselling Supplies

I use a lot of supplies when reselling on Amazon.  Many of these are one time purchases and I will tell you that I am very happy I made these small investments.

These are all links to Amazon and I will earn a percentage as a referral fee if you buy anything.  Please keep that in mind.  I make no promises on prices as this is meant to be a permanent page.  These are product recommendations.  Please research prices on your own.

Kudos to Trevor of Tagging Miles for the idea!

I used to use 1.88" wide tape, but I started using 3" wide tape and it blew my mind!

3" x 110 yard Tape

If you still want to use the 1.88", here are some links for that as well:

Packing Tape 1.88" Wide - You can never use too much tape, right?

Tape Gun for 1.88" Wide Tape - You might end up using more tape with a tape gun but they are awesome.

Product Labels - This is especially important if you are not commingled, but you still have to do it even if you are commingled.  This is for Ink Jet and this is for Laser printers (don't purchase the wrong one for you!)

One of my favorites is now a UPC scanner.  It costs $20 and allows you to list in seconds from Amazon or Inventory Lab.  Just scan the UPC and it finds the product for you.  Also useful for gift cards with bar codes.  Here is the link for the one I have.

Dymo Printer - To be honest, I don't have one of these, but I will likely get one.  Lets you print out individual labels so you don't have to use up your 30 up labels in one shot if only a couple of items needs labels in your shipment.

Large Boxes  - I try to have a healthy supply of Lowe's Large and Home Depot Large and X Large boxes.  Remember, the first pound in any box is the most expensive pound to ship. Think big shipments!

 Large Cardboard Moving Box (Actual: 24-in x 18-in)

Heat Gun 

I recently bought a heat gun and I absolutely love it!  If you ever need to return something from Amazon, you know it will come back with a label on it, often over the UPC.  Ever try to remove the label and damage the scannable UPC? I have.  Never again!

Also, if you ever have stickers from any stores that you need to remove (a price tag or a clearance sticker), the heat gun will remove it in seconds!  Wave it over for a few seconds and you can peel off the sticker in one clean piece with little residue.

Scotty Peeler - great for removing the sticker once you have used the heat gun.  Gets you started cleanly.

Bubble Wrap - for bubble wrapping things

Poly Bags with a suffocation label on them - some items like plush dolls need poly bags for their preparation.  Also helpful when you are creating multipacks.

This is a Set, Do Not Separate Labels - So Amazon knows you are sending in a multipack

Digital Scale - A little expensive but lets you see the weights while the box is on the scale.

American Weigh Scale Ship-330 Digital Shipping/postal Scale, 330 Pounds X 0.1 Pounds

Box Cutter - Any box cutter will work for opening packages or breaking down boxes  Buy the cheapest one you can find that lets you safety the razor when you are done

What do you use?  Am I missing anything?  Let me know in the comments