Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3" Wide Tape is So Much Better than 1.88"!

I've bought quite a few different types of tape and most of them have been adequate for my needs.  They have been in different price ranges but they all have been 1.88" wide.

So, when I posted about Reselling Supplies I put in a link for 1.88" tape.

Ken commented (separately, Ken has been killing it in the comments lately - thanks!):

I cannot stress this enough, but using 3" wide tape vs/ the 1.88" wide tape will change your life. You don't need multiple passes, just a single pass with the wide tape. Sometimes I'll use the 1.88" tape to join the two flaps together and keep them from separating when I'm starting the 3" tape, but that's it. I use the Uline tape sold on Amazon, and you can get the Uline 3" dispenser on Amazon too. I buy the tape in 4packs and then rebuy when needed.

I bought the 3" wide tape and it is as good as advertised, it's stronger, makes the job much easier and you use much less tape.

Then I went to the UPS store and of course they use 3" wide tape for all packaging! 

Here are a couple of Amazon Referral links.  I will add them to the Reselling Supplies page as well:

3" x 110 yard Tape - looks like the 110 yards is currently a better deal than the 55 yard version.

Now I just need to figure out to do with all my other rolls of 1.88" tape!