Thursday, December 3, 2015

I got paid by Inbox Dollars after threatening them - You should too!

As many readers are well aware, Inbox Dollars is a shopping portal that we somewhat regret ever learning about, thought if you get paid you don't mind as much.  They offered 5% cashback on eBay Purchases for a time.  I loaded up for a while.  5% on eBay purchases!  Allright!

The only problem was that weeks went by and you never got any confirmation that they were going to pay you or that the purchases were tracking.

They told us 30-45 days.  I waited.  Nothing.  I waited a little longer.  Nothing.  So I did what many did and I chatted with them.

Chatting with them you find out that the chat person can't really help you.  It seems to me that Inbox Dollars has one long list of transactions that they got paid from eBay for and have no way to parse out which transactions belong to which person.  This is conjecture but I think it is correct.

I literally had to go through every single eBay purchase with the person on chat.  Which name, email address, how much money spent and the percentage I was expecting from them.

For example:  Oren,, 5%, 9/30/2015 $379.99

After I went through all of my purchases, I was told to wait and they would get back to me.  I was told 1-2 business days and they would get back to me.

I was then sent this email (bolding my own):

Dear Member,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding your eBay purchase(s). In order to assist you further we are requesting the eBay purchase receipt(s) you received from the eBay Seller at the time purchase.
This proof of purchase must be an eBay receipt and must include the following:
• Item number & product description purchased
• Purchase date
• Purchase price
• Payment Type (Charge Card, BillPay, PayPal, ProPay, Skrill)
Please note that purchases made with eBay Gift Cards, coupons or e-gift certificates are not applicable for form of payment method and not eligible for crediting.
Please forward your purchase/receipts along with confirmation of shipment receipt emails to and we will review further.
Member Services

So they don't want to pay for anything paid for with eBay Gift cards.  Bunch of crock since they never mentioned anything about it.  Once again, I think they only see the purchase price (if they have anything at all) which often doesn't reflect the part of the transaction that was paid for with gift cards.  Whatever, I'll take what I can get at this point.

I then literally went back and forwarded all of my eBay Order and Shipped and shipped emails or the email address.

It came along with a nasty gram from me that said that I have been unimpressed with the company and that I would go to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General about the company if they tried to not pay their obligations.  There were some other things in there as well that were not so nice.

One day later:

2 more days later:

I'm pretty sure I was credited even for purchases I made with gift cards since I told them the full amount of my purchase price and I got exactly what I asked for.  Not sure if they even confirmed anything.  They might want the problem to just go away.  Either way, please make sure you get paid too.  Let me know if they give you problems.  Leave a comment.

Check out Chuck's post over on DoC on the same topic.  Well worth a read as always (especially the tread carefully at the end)