Sunday, December 13, 2015

How Long Do You Hold Your Prices High Before Christmas?

November and December can be some of the best months to sell on Amazon.  Prices can shoot skyhigh.  Remember when you couldn't sell that item because Amazon was so cheap?  Well, they're out of stock.  Then they come back in stock, but they're out of stock real soon again.  Sales can happen so fast that I price much higher than usual and drop down as necessary.  I don't want fast sales in November.

Well, now we are headed towards the end of the holiday season.  At what point do you lower your prices?

On the one hand, if you sell too early, you can miss out on serious profits from last minute shoppers.  On the other hand, if you wait too long,you may have too much inventory and either have a fire sell with the rest of the sellers or you may not sell at all. Oh and that iPad at retail price may have seemed like a really good idea on December 20th, maybe not so much on January 22nd when prices drop $75 and you can still return to Amazon.  Sometimes selling for too much is a bad thing.

There is some information to know about.  Here is a published FBA calendar of some important dates to know about.

Amazon claims that people can order on December 22nd and still receive before Christmas if they order with Prime.

That's rather late.  I would be afraid that the person doesn't get it before Christmas and then returns it when they do get it.

So I ask  again, at what point do you lower your prices? I don't have a good answer to this.  I'm curious what your plans are.