Thursday, December 24, 2015

Automated FBA Fee Calculator Tool Extension

Update:  This plugin automatically adds their own referral link to Amazon, be aware of that.

One of the necessary steps before you purchase anything to resell on Amazon is to find out what the fees are.  They can be as low as 6% and sometimes they can be more than 100% for very cheap items (Please, please don't sell anything like that).

One way to figure out the fees is to go to this link:
Then you need to enter in the item and the price you want to sell at.  That works fine.

However, there is an easier way.  Download this extension for chrome:

If there is a buy box. you click on the button for the app (looks like a calculator) and it will automatically open the fee calculator, add your product and the price of the current buy box.

Here is a video of the extension in action (pardon the music - I didn't make the video):