Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Deals to Maximize Before the End of the Year

A gentle reminder of a few great deals that are available until the end of the year that you should maximize. Some I have mentioned already and some I have not.

Quarterly Rewards

Chase Freedom - Offering 10x Ultimate rewards at Amazon, Zappos, Audible and Diapers.com.  Even if you maximized earlier in the quarter, this is a new round of $1,500 in spending that started November 23rd.

Discover - 5% quarterly rewards includes Amazon, Department Stores (think Sears.com) and Clothing Stores.  For many people this will be doubled to 10%.

My Amazon referral link - this makes a big difference on my bottom line and I would definitely appreciate it if you can use it (even for gift cards).

Portal Bonuses
The United and American Airlines shopping portals have added some nice bonuses.  They are nothing crazy but good if you are planning to use the portal anyways.

Spend $100 and earn 300 miles

Spend $300 or more and earn 1,200 miles or more.  That's 4x miles if you spend exactly $300 on top of your regular miles earning and credit card earning.

Amex Amazon Offer
If you added it to your American Express card, you can get a statement credit of $15 for spending $60 or more at Amazon.

Discover Double Cashback Offer - Discover will double all the cashback you earn for one year for new signups, hopefully.  Deadline for new signups is the end of the year.  Here is my referral link.  We will both earn $50.

Discover with Apple Pay - Earn up to 11% when you pay with Apple Pay until the end of the year on up to $10,000 of transactions.  Gift cards excluded.  Will be doubled to 22% for those who qualified for the Discover Double cashback offer.

Did I miss anything good?  Let me know in the comments