Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Submit Your Verification Receipts for Discover Apple Pay - You Only Get 21 Days - That's Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that if you got an email from Discover asking you to verify your transactions from Apple Pay on December 5th, the email said that you need to send receipts within 21 days.  That's tomorrow, thought I would hope they would let you submit after the deadline, just submit today.

I just submitted mine because I'm lazy, don't forget to submit yours.

I also wrote in the email something to the effect that I never bought any gift cards with Apple Pay and I'm annoyed at Discover for making me waste my time submitting receipts and that it makes me want to use Discover less.  All this is true.

Frankly, it is annoying and I want to avoid it in the future and maybe they will do something nice for us to make it up.  Who knows.