Sunday, November 22, 2015

Select iPads 20% off from Staples

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Staples is selling select iPads for 20% off.  A few of them are worth a look.

Check out at

Here is a link directly to all the iPads on Sale

You can also earn 5% cashback from Upromise (send me an email if you need a referral - we'll both get $20 -

You can also use a miles portal to get your shopping bonus.  Check out the earning rates on cashback monitor.

Earn up to 5% in Staples Rewards.

Use a Chase Ink to earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent at Staples.

You can also buy Staples Gift Cards from Gift Card Mart for about 7% off and you will still get your regular credit card point. You will obviously not earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points but this might be more valuable for many.

Check out the prices on Amazon for most iPads here