Saturday, November 28, 2015

Be Frugal Paying 4% Cashback on eBay Purchases!

Update:  As reader Avi pointed out, you can have another site that doesn't have restrictions with gift cards match the rate (like Top Cashback).

Just a quick FYI, Be Frugal is currently paying 4% for eBay purchases.  That's a great rate which we haven't seen for eBay purchases since that wonderful company named Inbox Dollars was offering 5%  and then took forever to pay some and not others (hopefully a post on them coming).

That is a referral link and I would be most please if you used it to sign up.  We will both get $10.  You can use it for any purchases on eBay.

There are some important things to know about Be Frugal when it comes to eBay purchases.

Cash Back Rate
  • 4% Cash Back on purchases
Special Terms & Exclusions

  • Only orders placed on eBay's US site are eligible for cash back.
  • Cash back not valid with purchase of automobiles, Real Estate, eBay branded gift cards, Bullion, coins and money, & select Business & Industrial equipment.
  • Cash back not valid with gift card redemption.
  • Cash Back available for Buy It Now and Winning Bid transactions only.
  • We are unable to accept cash back inquiries for this retailer.