Sunday, November 1, 2015

20% off Select iPad Models at Staples - iPad Air 2 64GB $480 and 128GB for $560

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Staples is having a 20% off sale on select iPad models.  The only one that was interesting to me as a reselling possibility was the iPad Air 2 64GB at $480 and the 128GB version at $550 (same link).

They are selling for about $530-$540 on Amazon.  If you sell at $535 (I'm going to try and sell for more than that - we'll see) you are just about breakeven with taxes, fees and shipping.  Now that obviously is not great on its own, but here is how we can juice it up a little bit.

Use Upromise for 5% cashback (email me for a referral (we both get $20 in a year)

Earn up to 5% in Staples Rewards

Use Chase Ink to pay and earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points.  That's about 15% off.  I think it's worth it but the 128 GB version is even a little better.  Be aware that it is a slower sell.

The 128 GB version is selling for $560.  These are selling on Amazon for $630-$660.  If you can sell for $640 you will earn about $600 after fees.  Silver is selling at $660 currently, if you can sell at $660, you will do very nicely for yourself.  Fees bring it down to about $620 before shipping.  You still get all the extras.

Be careful of Staples bans for buying too many Apple products online.  Keep it to one of each color and you will likely be fine.  Alternatively you can buy them in store with Apple Pay for 22% off!  Insanity! (or you can do both - Staples is very strict about online purchases - not as much for in store purchases).