Sunday, October 4, 2015

Use Your Apple Pay/Discover Combo at Verizon and T-Mobile Stores for 22% Cashback!

HT - AL and JS via email

Update: According to @esthery, you can use Apple Pay at AT&T locations as well!

I will be on holiday starting tonight until Tuesday night (last time for a little while!).  Twitter and email responses will be delayed until at least Tuesday night or more likely until Wednesday.

I have not done this myself, but I have been told by a few readers that Apple Pay is accepted at both Verizon and T-Mobile stores.  When you combine Apple Pay with a Discover card you can earn 22% back in rewards.  I like to call it Apple Pay/Discover Insanity!

You should be able to pay your phone bill in store and you can try to prepay your phone bill as well to save 22% off your phone bill.

You can try to see if Apple Pay is accepted at Sprint or AT&T as well, but I have no concrete information on this.