Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sears iPad Reselling Idea

Last night we found out that Discover Deals is now paying out 10% again for Sears purchases.  This leads us to try and find anything worthwhile to resell from Sears.

Even if we could just break even or lose some money on the sale, if we can earn 42-50% from Discover Deals that's very worthwhile.  Please keep in mind that the new T&C exclude gift card redemptions.  We should be safe buying the gift cards, but it is possible that no purchases made with gift cards will get Discover Deals payouts.  Even if the system allows it, if something doesn't track properly, you won't be able to ask for a manual adjustment since it's against the T&C.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there is slim pickings at Sears.

Here is one idea.  It isn't amazing, but I think it still worthwhile even if Discover Deals doesn't pay out for gift card redemptions as well.  If they do, all the better!

Trusty iPad method

iPad Air 2 64GB for $532 - That's no a good price

You will earn $5.32 of Shop Your Way Points.  I don't seem to be charged tax.  Shipping is free.

You can currently sell the silver version for about $530-$540 on Amazon with a fee of about $30-$35 and then shipping.  Let's assume that after fees your takehome is $500.  That's a loss of $32 with a negligible gain of SYW points.

If you only earn 30% (10% from Discover Deals and 5% from rotating categories), you will earn close to $160 from Discover ($80 now and $80 in 13 months), or $50 profit now and $80 extra profit in 13 months.  Those are margins over 20%!  Even if you only sell for $520 due to competition you will do just fine.

If you use Discover Deals and you earn 50% cashback back (10% from Discover Deals for purchasing gift cards and 10% from DD for redeeming gift cards and 5% from rotating categories).  You will earn about $250 from Discover, that's actually a margin of 40% which is pretty incredible!

If you don't have a Discover Card, you can use my referral link to earn a $50 signup bonus (doubled after the 13th statement) after your first purchase.

If anyone has an alternative idea, please share in the comments or email me  - I would love to have some other options.