Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sam's Club Membership - $45 with a $20 eGift Card

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I am a Sam's Club member and I have resold a lot of their products in the past (mostly iPads).  I haven't found too many things there recently but I have my eye on a couple.

You can also earn 5% with Discover Deals which is doubled to 10% if you are participating in the Discover Double Cashback Promotion for Sam's Club purchases (excluding Membership fees).

Right now you can Join Sam's Club for $45 and earn a $20 eGift Card.  You also get a welcome package with a free Rotisserie chicken and other discounts which aren't so useful to me, but may be useful to you.

In addition, in 3 business days this will turn into a Sam's Club Plus membership which earns you $10 in Sam's Club cash for every $500 you spend.  Sam's Club cash is redeemable after your membership year expires.  I have $190 in Sam's Club cash waiting for me in March.

New members only and expires October 10th.  Online only.