Friday, October 2, 2015

New MacBook Restrictions - No Longer Can Be Sold as New

Lately, there have been a quite a few MacBooks deals available on eBay for the same MacBook - MD101LL/A.  Here is the last example.

The problem with them is that each one usually has 2 separate listings.  One that allows for a sale a "New" item and one that only allows for "Like New".  

I mentioned in each sale that there was always the possibility that Amazon could close the listing that allows for a sale as "New.  This obviously would affect your return.

It looks like Amazon did something slightly different but with the same effect.  This is the email I got from Amazon:

Hello from Amazon.
We have placed listing restrictions for products in New condition on the ASINs listed below. Since you have sold similar products in the past on, your offers may be affected by these listing restrictions.
You may continue to sell through your existing inventory until October 30,2015. After this date you will no longer be eligible to list these products on
If you are using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to fulfill orders for these products and have inventory in our fulfillment centers, you may continue to use FBA to fulfill orders for these products placed on until October 30,2015.
If you still have inventory of these products in our fulfillment centers after October 30,2015, you will be able to use FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment to fulfill orders for these products placed through other sales channels. If you no longer want to fulfill these products through FBA, you can request to have your remaining inventory of these products returned to you at any time.
ASINs subject to listing restrictions:
B0074703CM , Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop
We appreciate your understanding and compliance.

Seller Performance TeamAmazon.com

The listing isn't closed, but now it will be restricted to not allow for a "New" listing.

If you have MacBooks at Amazon already, you can still sell them and they hopefully won't go down in price too much because of this.  If you haven't sent in all your MacBooks, like me, you can try to return them to the seller or you can sell them as "Like New".  I tried to send them in yesterday as New and Amazon wouldn't let me.