Wednesday, October 7, 2015

iPads on Sale on Groupon - Great Reselling Opportunity

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Update: As pointed out in the comments, iPads are excluded from the Alaska Airlines shopping portal so don't use that.  Discover does not have these exclusions.

Update 2: All models shown below are sold out.

Groupon is having a sale on some older version iPads.  There are a couple of nice plays here and the older versions sell pretty fast too.

To begin with I will let you know that you might find some deals within the wifi/cellular option.  For the most part these are not good deals and the ones that are good deals are much slower sellers.  Unless you are an experienced sellers and are willing to be very patient with your price, stick with wifi only.

Some of the best ones already sold out while I was writing this so if you are interested, jump on it.

All of them have a limit of 5

Here are the ones I was interested in:

MD511LL/A - 32GB Wifi Black - $350 on Groupon.  $400-$430 on Amazon - ranked 500 in Computers
MD512LL/A - 64GB Wifi Black - $389 on Groupon  - $485-$490 on Amazon - ranked 700 in computers
MD515LL/A - 64GB Wifi White - $389 on Groupon - $500ish on Amazon - ranked 1,500 in computers

Fees are a max of $30 at a $500 price but you will pay tax for the purchase.  Shipping should be really cheap $1 or less if you package a bunch of them together.

Please keep in mind that any or all of these prices can go down significantly with more resellers on the market.

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You can also use Ebates for 6% cashback if you don't have a Discover card or the Alaska shopping portal for 6x miles.

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