Tuesday, October 13, 2015

iPads on Sale at Sears - Not too Many Left - Depends which one You Get!

HT - @YossieWeinberg

This is a little bit of weird listing but it seems to show that it is new and the price might be really good.  It is under the new section but one reader points out that this seller usually sells refurbished stuff so it might be listed incorrectly.  Buyer beware here.

iPad 2 16GB (Old Version) from Sears.  It doesn't say exactly what you will be getting, but you either get MC769LL/A or MC954LL/A for $175.  There are about 30 left so go straight with 10% from Discover Deals and Discover card if you want it.

The MC954LL/A sells for mid $300's on Amazon and is ranked 2,750 in computers so a little bit slow, but the profit is there if you are patient.

The MC769LL/A sells for about $220 or so (possibly more with little competition) and is ranked 191 in computers.  That's really a breakeven deal.

Ready to play Let's make a Deal?  Who knows which one you will get.