Thursday, October 8, 2015

iPad on sale on - $70 x 2 Units Reselling MoneyMaker

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HT - TG - You can waive return shipping and save another $12 for the 2 iPads!
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Update: Sold out!
Update 2: iPads came refurbished!  You can return your iPads for free.  Check out instructions here.

Well, that was fast. is selling the iPad MD511LL/A for $275 with a limit of 2.  This is the iPad 4th Generation with 32GB in black.  Taxes will probably get you up to about $300.

It currently sells for about $420 on Amazon and is ranked 536 in computers and 176 in tablets.  Fees are around $25 at the price of $420.  If you can sell at $420, you will earn over $90 or 30% profit margin.

If you can only sell for $400, you still earn $70 per iPad, a very solid 23.3%.

Not the most unbelievable seller, but decent.  Profit margin is high enough that even if the price comes a bit we should be ok.

Use coupon code TENBUCKSNOW for $10 off your first order and there is no longer any annual fee.

I didn't see any shopping portal to use, but if you know of one please leave a comment.