Saturday, October 31, 2015

iPad Mini 2 16GB Space Gray - $200 at Walmart - Limit of 1

HT - DS via Email

Walmart is selling the iPad Mini 2 16GB Space Gray for $200.  Unfortunately there is a limit of 1.

The same item costs about $260 on Amazon.  That's about $240 after fees.  Take away shipping and add taxes and you should be able to make about $20 or about 10%.

Use Discover Deals for 5% cashback with your Discover card which may get doubled to 10% in 13 months if you are enrolled in the Discover Double Cashback promotion.

If you don't have a Discover Card, you can use my referral link to earn a $50 signup bonus (doubled after the 13th statement) after your first purchase.

Oh and you might be able to get a price match at Best Buy or Staples in store and pay with Apple Pay for up to 22% cashback.  That's pretty awesome!