Monday, October 26, 2015

eBay Sends Out Site Violation Policies (MC999) - Restricts Daily Deals Purchases

So, let's try a new post tonight...  Thank you for everyone who corrected the previous one so quickly.  Hopefully I was the only one who mistakenly bought the Express gift cards. Anyone looking to buy Express gift cards? No? Oh well.

Either way, eBay sent out emails to many users today saying that they have violated the eBay policy:

The gist of the email is that they don't want you buying items exclusively from eBay Daily Deals since they say that there is a "cost factor associated with them."  They want people who will also buy other items as well.

They also mention that this is primarily associated with buying items to resell (I would never do that).

I can't say I totally understand it? Is eBay subsidizing the Daily Deals?  If not, why would they care?  Doesn't really matter since they do care.

What's the possible penalty? 

 Purchases being cancelled and restrictions of buying privileges.

I am most worried about losing my eBay Bucks if my account is restricted.  It points to the fact that deals should really make sense without eBay Bucks/Portals so that if something goes wrong, you aren't in for a big loss.

What to do Going Forward?

My recommendation is certainly to only use one eBay account a time, even if the other account is in someone else's name.  Once you are finished with your max in eBay Bucks in one account, move onto the next one.  Will that stop a ban from coming?  I don't know.  Maybe not.  The reason I suggest this is that I got the email on the account which I don't do my main purchasing from.  I used to then switch to the second account to double up.  The second account got the email.  Maybe it is only if you violate this policy?

Try to mix in some non eBay Daily Deals purchases in there as well.

Anybody have experience with this before?  Please hit the comments and let me know if you used multiple accounts for one purchase and got the email or if you got the email with just one account.