Sunday, October 4, 2015

eBay Bucks Have Arrived - 2 Deals to Unlock Good Value from eBay Bucks

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eBay Bucks from previous quarters arrived into your inboxes yesterday.  That's always a nice day!

So, we have some money to burn with an expiration date on it (November 2nd).  I'm confident that we will find other deals available after this, but these are very solid right now.

iPad Air 2 16GB - $380 on eBay and only gold still available - $430-$440 on Amazon (almost everyone is on backorder until that price - check it out) fees about $25-$30.  Limit of 2.  Shipping will be about $2-$3 each if you just send in two ipads.

XBox 500GB Master Chief Collection - $310 on eBay - $365ish on Amazon (everyone on backorder until that price).  Fees are $30.  Shipping will be most expensive for this.  $5-$10.
If you can sell for $360-$365, you can still make money on the sale.

You will still earn your regular 2% in eBay Bucks even though you used eBay Bucks to pay.

Start with Inbox Dollars and you will get 5% cashback for eBay purchases.

These are both fast sellers so it is an easy way to get great value out of your eBay Bucks.