Thursday, October 29, 2015

Best Buy on eBay and Purchase - In Store Pickup Only but a Nice Sale

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Best Buy is selling a Keurig Stainless steel mug for $11.99.  It is available for in store pickup only.

It is available both on eBay and on Best Buy's website.   It is a solid 6,500 in Home and Kitchen in Amazon and selling for about $24.  If it was available for shipping online I wouldn't post it since there would be too much competition, but this should work since not many people will be able to buy.

Fees will get it down to about $17.50 before shipping.

You know what to do for eBay deals and for Best Buy use Discover Deals for 5% cashback with your Discover card or use Apple Pay with Discover in Store if they let you for an additional 22% cashback! Insanity!

If you don't have a Discover Card, you can use my referral link to earn a $50 signup bonus (doubled after the 13th statement) after your first purchase.