Thursday, October 8, 2015

$300 Visa Gift Cards Available on - Shameless Money Grab!

Staples is now selling $300 Visa Gift Cards online for an $8.95 fee, as reported by Dan's Deals tonight,

Many of you will be interested in buying these gift cards online with a Chase Ink car for 5x Ultimate Rewards points.  I won't comment on whether it is a good deal or not, but it is certainly better than the $200 denominations which were available until now.  Lower fees as a percentage of the gift cards and larger denominations are always better.

Considering there is no shopping portal which pays out for buying Visa Gift Cards at Staples, the "Keep Oren from Getting a Normal Job Fund" would definitely appreciate it if you were to use my link to buy them  ;)

I don't even know if I will get paid for it, but I'm willing to take the sacrifice and test it!