Wednesday, October 21, 2015

$100 eBay Gift Card for $95 and other Gift Cards on Sale on eBay + 5x Ultimate Rewards Points

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PayPal Digital Gifts is selling a few gift cards for cheap including $100 eBay Gift Card for $95 - Limit 1 per account.

Here is a link to The Full List:

It includes $100 Lowe's gift card for $90, $100 CVS gift card for $88 and a $57 Sephora gift card for $50

These gift cards can be used to buy other gift cards or anything else on eBay. When you purchase non eBay gift cards you will also get eBay Bucks.  eBay gift cards are not eligible for eBay Bucks.

If you are buying non eBay Gift Cards you can earn 2% cashback from or the eBay Shopping Portal of your choice

If you are buying non eBay Gift Cards you can also earn a targeted 10% in eBay Bucks.  

eBay Gift cards are typically excluded from Terms and Conditions, but sometimes portals pay anyways.

Use a Chase Ink Business Credit Card and you might get 5x points per dollar spent at eBay on items sold by PayPal Digital Gifts.

There is a limit of $5,000 in eBay gift cards that can be used in 180 day period.  There is also a limit of something close to $1,000 of gift cards bought from PayPal Digital Gifts in any 30 day period and this will count towards those limits.