Friday, September 25, 2015

Top Cashback Going Back and Matching Inbox Dollars 5% on eBay Purchases Made before Terms and Conditions Changed!

Update: Top Cashback changed the terms early on 9/21/2015.

Top Cashback was matching 5% payouts on eBay Purchases through their price match guarantee for a couple of weeks (Inbox Dollars is offering 5% cashback).

Recently, they changed their terms and conditions to disallow matches from Inbox Dollars.  Top Cashback also denied matches submitted after the changed T&C even though the purchases were made before anything was changed.

Chuck of Doctor of Credit started a campaign on Twitter to try and get Top Cashback to approve those claims.  I joined as well.  At first they said they would look into, just resubmit, which I did.
Denied again!

I then went back to Twitter and complained again.  Top Cashback then responded that they have approved the claims!

If you have denied, but your purchase was before terms were changed, get to Twitter! Bloggers can do good sometimes too ;)  Thank you Top Cashback!