Sunday, September 20, 2015

Next Time, We Buy Physical Gift Cards Instead...

Last week we saw two incredible eBay coupon codes which each took 15% off any order on eBay (up to $100 discount) that didn't last long. See Day 1 and Day 2 posts.

Here are a couple of takeaways from the deal:

The first day I was able to buy a MacBook as I suggested and I think many others were able to buy the same MacBook for a reselling play.

The second day I suggested to buy eBay Gift Cards if you didn't have anything else to buy. Unfortunately, I suggested buying eBay Gift Cards from PayPal Digital Gifts for the extra 5x Ultimate Rewards points when you pay with Chase Ink.  That was a great idea, except that it was a terrible idea.

PayPal Digital Gifts has some known and unknown limitations in how much they let you buy at any given time and many people (including myself) were running into those limits thinking of all those easy Ultimate Rewards points we would be earning.  Instead of trying something else I kept trying to buy those same gift cards hoping that maybe I could get PayPal to like me more.

So, next time if we have nothing else to buy we buy Physical Gift Cards instead.  No 5 Ultimate Rewards points, but that's better than 5x0 Ultimate Rewards points.

In other news, most people reported that the code only worked for them one time per PayPal account, but there some reports that it worked twice.  Always try a second time and then vary the payment type to see if it will change anything (If you used a credit card the first time, you your bank account the next time if the credit card isn't working).