Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Go To Gift Card Buyers and CardCash's Great Customer Service

I do some opportunistic gift card reselling every once in a while.  When you choose the right deals, the risks are low and the returns can be decent.

I have come to learn that where you sell your gift cards to matters almost as much, if not more, than the rate you receive.

I will no longer sell to Gift Card Rescue or JunkCard (I don't think Junkcard is accepting new gift cards anyways).

Gift Card Rescue took a long time to pay out, required extra information and threatened to hold funds hostage from my people and changed payouts on others.  In the end, their CEO intervened and everyone got paid (let me know if you didn't).

JunkCard also took a long time to pay, was bouncing checks and didn't acknowledge a large transaction of mine.  They didn't respond to emails so I threatened a lawsuit (it would have been worth it) and I was finally paid.

Either way, it was not worth the hassle and stress for a couple extra percent.

My Favorite Gift Card Buyers

I now stick with the big guns for the most part:  Raise, Gift Card Zen, Cardpool, CardCash and I'm just starting out with Gift Card Mart.

Turnaround is quick, they often pay with ACH payments, accept eGift Cards and the companies are reliable and interested in a long term profitable relationship, not making an extra buck off you short term.

There may be others that deserve to be on this list, but I don't have much experience with others so I won't mention them.  I have had good results with SaveYa but I can't say the same for others and they have some intense limits on their Bulk Sellers.

CardCash Customer Service 

In addition, the bigger companies have customer service that is usually excellent.  Here is one example from CardCash:

Back at the end of August, I talked about a Gift Card deal.  One of the deals involved buying $100 76 Brand Gas Gift Cards for $90 and selling them for $92 to CardCash.

By mistake, when I was selling to CardCash, I entered the value as $90 (the price I paid) instead of $100.  That could have been a big problem.  They could have kept the extra funds themselves and only sent it to me if I realized.  It has happened on other exchanges.

I received this email from CardCash

They verified the gift cards and saw that there was $100, not $90 and automatically paid me $92.  I am very happy with all of my transactions with them so far.