Monday, September 7, 2015

MacBook on Sale on eBay - $60+ Reselling Opportunity

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eBay is selling a MacBook 13" for $799  with no tax in NJ.  It says the seller is away until tomorrow so there may be a delay  Limit of 2.  About 375 available.

The same laptop sells for between $890-$895 on Amazon and is ranked 51 in computers so it is a good seller.

There are two Amazon listings for the same laptop.  One allows you to sell as new and one only as like new.  There is a chance that Amazon may close the listing that allows you to sell as new and you may need to shuffle your inventory around.  If that happens, that can affect the price you receive.

FBA fees at $890 are ~$55 so your takehome is ~$835 if you sell on the cheaper side.  Shipping will be extra, but shouldn't be more than $5 per item.  So let's call takehome $830 if prices don't drop.

That's $30 on the sale alone.  You can buy 2 of them so you can make $60 on the sale price.


- Gift Card Mart is selling eBay Gift Cards at 2.5% off, that's another $20 off per Laptop.  You should be able to earn at least 2% back from your credit card for another $16. is offering 2% cashback at eBay for another $16
- Earn $16 in eBay Bucks

Keep in mind that eBay sometimes let's you only checkout with 5 gift cards,  sometimes with 7 and sometimes with 8. Maximum use  of $5,000 in eBay gift cards per rolling 180 days per paypal account.

All Together

$30 on the item, $20 for buying the gift cards, $16 from your credit card, $16 from Shop at Home and $16 in eBay Bucks = ~$95 per Laptop = $190 total for 2 MacBooks

Possible profit margin 10-12%.  Prices can always fall and this is definitely a riskier play just because of the multiple listings.