Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LG TV Resell Idea from eBay - Possible $150+ Reselling Moneymaker - Worth a Thought for Some

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I'm going to put a deal out there that I am not personally going to take part of strictly because it is a TV and I don't like borderline deals with TVs.  Just based on pure size, they are more annoying and shipping is more expensive.  Other may find this to be something to sell so I'll put it out there. Someone may even want a TV to use for their own!

eBay is selling an LG 50" Smart TV.  Taxes in NJ put the price at about $482.  Limit of 5.  There are about 185 left right now.

It sells for $630 on Amazon, but can't be sold as new.  There are no "Like New" Sellers on Amazon who are eligible for prime so competition shouldn't be bad.  I think it probably could be sold for about $590-$600.  It might be closer to $610 or $580.  Not sure.  There is one person trying to sell as "Like New" at $587 but not available for Prime.

Amazon FBA fees are about $75 if you sell at $600.  Shipping fees will probably be about $15 per TV.  So all fees are about $90.

If you sell at $600, your takehome is $510, which is a $30 profit in NJ.  If you buy 5, you could potentially make $150 on the sale.


Start at for 2% cashback - $9
2% in eBay Bucks - $9
2% from your credit card - $9

Use a discounted eBay Gift Card for even greater saving (2.25%-3% off from Gift Card Mart)

Ranked 3,373 in electronics so it might be a slower sell.  I like the deal more and more as I write about it but I would only buy it if you are willing to be a little patient with this one to get your price.