Thursday, September 10, 2015

LG Monitor on eBay - Potentially Very Lucrative, if it Sells

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eBay has a sale on an LG Monitor for $750.  There are taxes in NY and NJ, but I checked Florida and there is no tax.  Check out your state to see the story there.  Most likely you won't have tax if you don't live in NY or NJ.

Limit of 5 per person.  There are about 200 left but I don't anticipate too many people buying this, but I've been wrong before.

You cannot sell this as new on Amazon.  It sell as "Like New" for about $930 on Amazon.  I don't know how it sells at that price.   FBA fees are ~$75 at a sale of $930 with shipping likely to be about $15-$20 a Monitor.  That's a takehome of about $815 after fees.

That still leaves you with a profit of $65 per Monitor after all those fees.  Since you can buy 5, there is the possibility of earning $325 just on the sale of 5, though I don't know if it is a good idea to buy 5.

Since this is an expensive item, your bonus cash is very significant

So here's the bonus cash:

Start with Inbox Dollar and earn 5% - $37.50
8% in eBay Bucks - Targeted - $60 (maximum of $100 in eBay Bucks in one transaction - buy one at a time to maximize)
Use up eBay Gift Cards - You can either use eBay gift cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another $15.

You can buy eBay Gift cards from Gift Card Mart at 2.5% as well.  They allow you to used American Express Gift Cards so you can save a bunch there depending on how you purchased your gift cards.

Overall, you could earn over $180 per Monitor, over 20%, and 2.5% more if you use eBay Gift Cards.  This is a nice opportunity.

A ranking of #2,712 in computers and accessories and #276 in monitors.  It may be a slow sale and the price may go down, but some may find the risk worth the possible rewards.  There is also the advantage that this deal is coming out very late so likely not as much competition.  Still a risky play.