Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lenovo Server Back on Sale on eBay - $75+ Reselling Opportunity

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eBay is selling a Lenovo ThinkServe for $285 with no tax in NJ.

This was on sale about 2 weeks ago and they are big, I mean really big.  It was such a pain handling them.  That being said, their price has stayed steady (if not increased) so it is working out so far.

These were available about 2 weeks ago but you should be able to buy more even if you bought previously.

They sell for between $350-$360 on Amazon and is ranked 728 in computers so it is a good seller.

FBA fees at $350 are $39 so your takehome is ~$310 if you sell on the cheaper side.  Shipping was about $10 per server for me

That's $15 on the sale alone.  You can buy 5 of them so you can make $75 on the sale price.


- Gift Card Mart is selling eBay Gift Cards at 2.5% off, that's another $7.12 in your pocket per ThinkServe.  You should be able to earn at least 2% back from your credit card for another $5.70
Ebates is offering 1% cashback at eBay for another $2.85 profit.  You can earn an additional 3% cashback if you use the Ebates credit card though you won't get the gift card discount.  If you don't have the credit card, use Top Cashback for an additional $3.42 (1.2%)
- Earn $5.70 in eBay Bucks

All Together

$15 on the item, $7 for buying the gift cards, $3.42 from Top Cashback and $5.70 in eBay Bucks = ~$30 per think serve = $150 total.

Possible profit margin 10-11%.  Prices can always fall.