Thursday, September 3, 2015

iPads on Sale at Walmart - Resell Opportunity but Will be Slow Sale

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Update: 32GB AT&T version is $350 on Walmart and $420 on Amazon.  Another possible deal. HT: Tgere79

Walmart is selling a few iPads at rock bottom prices.  There are 2 problems.  The first is that they are slow sellers and the second is that new iPads are coming out and the prices may get lower, fast or you may see more returns.  They are older versions so that may help, but you may have problems...

Here are the specs:

iPad Air 16GB with 4G from AT&T for $300 - There are 2 colors and you can buy 2 of each color.
iPad Air 16GB with 4G from Verizon for $300 from AT&T - There are 2 colors and you can buy 2 of each color.

AT&T version sells on Amazon for about $400
Verizon version also sells on Amazon for about $400

Fees are about $25 and shipping should be $5 or much less if you bunch a few in one shipment. So there is the possibility of about $50 of profit on the sale price per iPad if prices stay the same.

These are ranked between 6,000-8,000 and computers.  This is not something to buy if you looking for a quick turnaround.

Juicing the deal a little bit

Use Discount Gift Cards/Discover Credit Card and Discover Deals which is paying 5% back at Walmart (If you are enrolled in the Discover Doubling promotion, you will get 5% now and 5% after the 13 statement).