Saturday, September 19, 2015

iPad Mini 3s 64GB on Sale at Best Buy - Reselling MoneyMaker

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Update: Price up to $450 :( - Dead for resellers

HT - TG via SlickDeals 

Best Buy has a sale on iPad Mini 3s 64GB version which is very enticing.  They are $350 before tax, so let's call it $380 after tax

Gold version is sold out and the gray and silver are only available for store pickup.

The same iPads are available on Amazon for about $445.  Fees bring your takehome down to about $418 at a selling price of $445.  With shipping your takehome will be $413-$417 depending on how many you ship at once.  Let's assume $410 in case price goes down a little.

That's a profit of $30 per iPad.

You can earn 1.5% from Be Frugal as well - $5.25
You should be earning at least 2% from your credit card - $7
Earn at least 2% in Best Buy Rewards worth at least $7.

Use any American Express cards with a Best Buy offer (good until the end of the month) to save $25 for each one.

You can try to match to Staples in store as well to earn Chase Ink Points but you won't be able to match online since their customer service chat option is only available 8am-8pm ET M-F.