Sunday, September 20, 2015

iPad Air 2s $150 off on Staples Website - Reselling Moneymakers

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Update: You can try to pricematch at Target for even greater savings.

Staples is selling all the various colors of iPad Air 2 for $150 off.

Here is the example math for the 64GB version which is selling for $450.  The same holds true for the 16GB and 128GB.  In general the smaller versions sell better, but you can't buy too many or they will label you as a reseller.  I think the 64GB version is a happy medium, they still sell very fast.

These sell for about $530- $550 on Amazon depending on the color.  Not quite as good a sale at the other iPad mini (which is dead) from last night, but the extras are much better from Staples than Best Buy.  You are basically going to breakeven or maybe make a little bit of money.

If you buy for $450 and you pay about $500 after taxes.  Your takehome is about $520 after fees if you are able to sell about $550 so you can possibly make $20.  If you sell closer to $530 it is more breakever.

Here are the extras you could earn

5x Ultimate Rewards points - ~2,500 points per laptop
5% cashback from Upromise Shopping Portal - $22.50 per iPad
up to 5% in Staples Rewards - Up to $22.50 per iPad.

These extras equal to over 10% profit margin.  Not too shabby!

Those extras are a big deal to me so I will likely take part in this deal just for the extras.

16GB is $450 and sells for about $430-$450 on Amazon depending on color
128GB is $550 and sells for about $650-$670 on Amazon depending on color