Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great Posts from Around the Web

Here are some great posts from the around the Blogosphere to know about:

Manufactured Spending:

  • Amex neuters Small Business Saturday. No statement credits this year.
    • Frequent Miler
      • Oh man!  I have been building my arsenal of AmEx authorized users at a good pace in anticipation of SBS.  Oh well.  It was great while it lasted.  I can't really get upset that they aren't throwing tons of free money at me.  Though, I am surprised they didn't go to a $10 statement credit for a $20 purchase model.  It would have really lessened the impact on their bottom line and helped out Small Businesses at the same time.  Here's hoping it comes back next year!
  • Caveats to Keep in Mind About Inbox Dollars Shopping Portal
    • Doctor of Credit
      • Very important read!  It doesn't really affect resellers who use eBay a lot, but small time buyers will find this kind of annoying.  I once had to reactivate my account for not verifying my email within 10 days.  Very silly system.  If they pay out, I don't care.
  • Get more cashback through the Ebates Mobile app
    • Tagging Miles
      • This is annoying.  It ruins my laziness of just checking Cashback Monitor or Cashbackholic.  If it's true, this can be important before bigger purchases.
  • How Cautious Should You Be With Discover’s 10% Apple Pay Promotion? – Discussing 5 Worries Naysayers Have
    • Miles to Memories
      • I am in the camp of those who think Discover is using scare tactics to avoid a big payday, but I don't have any actual proof for it.  I have been buying merchandise to resell to avoid the possible rewards being negated, but I don't think it will be a problem.  Here's to optimism!

Credit Cards/Banks:


  • More Chime Rewards to Save Money
    • Deals We Like
      • There is a $2 store credit at Chick-fil-A and Chiptole.  I like these types of offers since it is in essence free money.  Randomly, there is a kosher restaurant near me called Chickies.  In the past, the Chik-fil-A offer has worked there.  Don't ask me how I know that.  Maybe try restaurants with similar names if you don't have one of these restaurants near you?  It probably won't work, but if you are going anyway and you have a Chime card it might be worth a shot.