Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dell Monitor on Sale at Staples - Resell Opportunity

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Today is a crazy day for me and I will be completely off the grid tonight until after Tuesday night (Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone!) so i won't give full details.  You should be able to figure out all the math yourself.

Dell 22" Monitor $90 at Staples (Let's say $95-100 with tax).  Available online only so you can't use the 25% off coupon.
Dell E2215HV 22” LED Monitor

The same monitor sells on Amazon for about $125.  FBA fees make your takehome about $107 if you sell at $125.

Rank #156 in monitors.

You'll still get up to 5% in Staples Rewards and portals points (Upromise 5% or United Shopping 3x Miles - 4x if you have the United card).  I will use it as well to use up my expiring Staples Rewards.

Use Chase Ink and you will earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points for the purchase.  Almost 500 points per monitor.